Update: CBS just updated it’s website with it’s interactive page here. This season, one house guest, the “Saboteur,” will enter the Big Brother house with one goal in mind – to secretly wreak havoc on the other guests – and we need YOU to help us give him or her the tasks! Sound a little like America’s Player to me, but if done correctly, this could be quite fun.

Two new Big Brother 12 commercials were aired tonight on CBS. In the first, Julie Chen says “For the first time in Big Brother history, one player is NOT playing to win” and “this summer a saboteur will wreak havoc in the house”. In the second, she says this season will be a “summer of sabotage” and “Let the head games begin”

There is a lot of speculation as to what these clues might mean, but the general consensus is that there will be a “mole” in the Big Brother 12 House this year to cause all kinds of trouble for our unsuspecting Houseguests! Why they are not “in it to win it”, is a mystery. I have two theories. The first is that the saboteur is a CBS employee planted there to upset the HG’s game. The second, and more probable, is that the “mole” is a Houseguest playing a role such as America’s Player, given instructions by Big Brother to sabotage other players game moves. I can’t wet wrap my head around how this person isn’t there to win the game, but I’m sure if he/she accomplished the tasks given by Big Brother, they can win cash for each task accomplished. Of course, this is only speculation First commercial below, courtesy of Big Brother Loop.

Second commercial, courtesy of Bachfix:

I can’t wait to watch the “saboteur’s” every move on the live feeds. Don’t have yours yet? Make sure you get ’em here! There’s only about a week to take advantage of the Early Bird Special ,which ends July 7.

In other news, it’s only a couple of days away from the release of Media Day where we will finallly get to see the details of the Big Brother 12 house. Be assured that I will post all pictures and videos as soon as they are released.

Update: I have to give it up to the peeps at Reality BBQ who got their hands on next weeks TV Guide with a picture of the Big Brother 12 kitchen and the reveal of 14 houseguests this season. I’m not too keen on the fact that there will be “interactive audience participation”, which my guess is that we will be telling the “saboteur” what to do. We’ll just have to see how this all plays out. Click to see larger image.

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