Tonight has been an interesting night in the Big Brother 12 House and it’s only 9:00 PM BBT. If your missing out on the action on the Live Feeds, try them out for free.

The drama starts at with Brendon and Rachel talking about relationships and Brendon says that he’s been taken advantage of before and would want a prenuptial agreement if he marries. This sends Rachel into a tizzy because she thinks he has trust issues and cannot be in a relationship. He incessantly apologizes to her and she tells him she doesn’t want to hear about it or talk about it in front of cameras. He apologizes more and gives her butterfly kisses while she is about to chew off her arm to get away from him. He tells her twice in this conversation that he loves her, she remains silent. She finally jumps up and heads into the house.

Now, hold on to your socks! Rachel peeks her head out the sliding glass door and asks Matt if she and Brit can take a bath in the HOH bathroom. The girls chug their drinks and briefly talk about the fight with Brendon. Talk quickly turns so Kristen and the girls bond in their general distaste for her. Brit is beside herself because she has a mate to spew her toxic trash talk to again. Kristen bashing continues for about an hour, with Kathy being thrown in the mix every now and then. I don’t foresee this bonding happening for too long, Brit just needed an outlet for her venom, but I sensed that she was resenting the fact that she had to vent to Rachel.

Other happenings in the house:

Matt give Enzo a haircut. Kristen and Kathy talk about how much better the house will be if they break up Brendon and Rachel. Lane and Hayden play pool and talk about nothing in general, per usual. I have no idea what Regan has been up to all night, I think he’s depressed and laying down.

I believe that Brenchel will make up before the night is over, but I can tell you now I saw the look in Rachel’s face and there is a big crack in the facade. She is seeing how clingy and needy Brendon is and the whole thing might crumble and fall very soon. When the dust settles, we may see Rachel being the driving force to get Brendon out of the house. That is Big Brother’s Spoilers first official prediction, even though I know how whack it sounds, I’m standing behind it.

What do you think about tonight’s Big Brother 12 activities? Will Brenchel soon split? Will Brit be able to tolerate Rachel when her buzz wears off? Am I crazy for thinking Rachel may be Brendon’s demise? Tell me what you think!

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