It’s been a busy couple of days in the Big Brother 13 house. The Live Feeds have been cut as they are taping the eviction show and HOH competition for tomorrow’s episode. As we left off, Rachel is HOH and Kalia and Porsche up for eviction and Adam won POV. Yesterday the fortuneteller in the Tarot Room came to life and kept the houseguests up all night reciting predictions that will obviously be used in tomorrow’s HOH competition. Kalia campaigned pretty hard but her arguments were falling on deaf ears. The Live Feeds cut.

I have some results from someone who is claiming to be at the taping and has set Twitter abuzz. The claims by Miss Cleo are as follows, but they will not be verified until tomorrow’s broadcast of the show on CBS.

• The POV Comp was hosted by OTEV, appearing this year as a giant shark. We know Adam won.
• Kalia is voted out, voting was a tie and Rachel was the tie-breaker vote as HOH. It’s unclear who voted to keep Kalia.
• The HOH Comp was a true and false comp with Julie asking questions based on the fortuneteller’s predictions. There were six questions asked.
• Adam won the HOH competition, not getting a single question wrong. Porsche came in last place.
• The Jury House gets very awkward when Shelly arrives in the house. Apparently Jeff let out so many expletives that he gets bleeped and blurred a lot.
• Kalia told Adam right before voting: “start playing like an all-star, not a fan!”

Again, these claims aren’t verified but several sources confirm that Kalia is voted out and Adam is the new HOH.

It’s now that tricky time in the game where the HOH’s power isn’t that relevant; it is the POV holder that has the true power. If Adam wins POV, he can control who remains on the block. If another player wins POV, they in fact control who is on the block and control the soul vote to evict. As of this point, I’m not sure where Adam’s head is or how he will nominate, especially if the above claims are true and if he voted to keep Kalia. Adam may now, finally, be playing for himself, in which case he may be wise to get a vet out of the house. Who do you think Adam will nominate this week? Tell me what you think!

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