CBS isn’t wasting anytime getting ready for Big Brother 14 now that the show has been renewed for next summer.

If you want to be in the Big Brother house and join the 14th cast then now’s your chance. CBS has released the Big Brother 2012 application so you can grab the forms, check the requirements, and then start filling things out for your big break.

The same rules apply as all seasons: you have to be at least 21 when you apply, you have to be a US resident, and you have to be able to do better than last season’s pitiful endurance competition HGs!

If you’re bold and brave enough to fill out those forms then best of luck! We hope you get the chance to compete for the half-million dollar prize. It won’t be easy though. You’ve got to survive 90 days of isolation and possibly lots of Big Brother slop, so if that sounds like your ideal time to spend a few sunny months in LA, then go for it. Good luck!

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