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Big Brother Week 1 Pre-Eviction

Drumroll, please. Tonight we get our first taste of spilled blood in the Big Brother 13 house. HOH Rachel has nominated Keith and Porscha, although if you watched last night’s episode on CBS, Evel Dick claimed them as his own.

Tonight’s eviction is too close to call. The house is clearly split between the Oldies and the Newbies with the Oldies scrambling to strike deals with the new house guests to get Keith out. Thus far, Adam, Porsche and Shelly have made deals, but it’s too hard to say if they are telling the truth on the Live Feeds.

As expected, talk of who’s going home is changing hourly, so I cannot predict who will go. I’m just hoping the Newbies are smart enough to stand united on this first vote and let the veterans know they are not in charge. Who do you want to see the back side of today?


Big Brother 13 News: Evel Dick Statement Video

Evel Dick Donato has released a video on why he is no longer in the Big Brother 13 house.

Dick spends an insufferable amount of time squelching the rumors as to why he left the Big Brother 13 house, only to end his statement with the fact that he left the show for a loved one in need and that is all he is going to say on the matter. Dick was very apologetic to CBS, Big Brother production and his fans and stated clearly that no one was as disappointed in his departure more than he was.

Many people seem to be dissatisfied with what little information was given in Dick’s statement, but he is very clear that it’s personal and that’s all we’re going to know about it. Personally, I respect that there are some things in a person’s life that are private, and I don’t feel he needs to elaborate on the issue. My only regret is that he is no longer in the Big Brother house.


Big Brother 13: Week 1 POV Ceremony

It’s been a little crazy in the Big Brother 13 house while the house guests scramble as the Power of Veto ceremony looms. Team Brenchel are the POV holders and Brendan is pushing hard to exercise the Veto and put Dominic and Adam up in place of Keith and Porsche, with the intent of getting Dominic out. I think Brenda just can’t take the heat of another good looking guy in the house. Luckily cooler heads prevail in the “Rerun” alliance and Daniele and Jeff are trying to keep nominations the same. Click Here to Continue Reading »


Big Brother 13 Live Feed App for Android

CBS has released the Big Brother Android App for Live Feed mobile viewing! That’s right; you can now take the Live Feeds with you virtually anywhere you go on your Android device.


1. You must be subscribed to the Live Feeds, if you are not, get then here: Live Feeds
2. Download and install the CBS app here: CBS Android App
3. Login using your SuperPass username and password.

Please note there is an additional charge of $4.99 per month to view on your mobile device, that’s only $14.97 for the season.

You can view the Live Feeds either by firing up the app and signing in or by navigating through the SuperPass site, which will eventually prompt you to either launch or download the app. I would advise you to save yourself a couple of steps and just open the app and sign in yourself.


Big Brother 13 Week 1, Catching Up

Although Big Brother 13 premiered on CBS on Thursday, the house guests have been in the house playing the game for a week. After the West Coast episode aired the Live Feeds went live with the comforting yet annoying first sight of the house fish screensaver. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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