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Big Brother Begins Tonight – 13th HG Leaked?

When Big Brother 11 premieres tonight we’ll get our first look at the new house guests in action. That’s cool and all, but what I really want to know is who is that 13th HG. Thanks to leaks we might already know who that is. Big Brother Spoilers alert!

Supposedly, Brian, Sheila, Jessica, and Jessie were the 4 options to come back into the house. They faced off in a competition with the new HGs and… sigh, rumor has it that Jessie won his chance to return to the house. The only way this could be worse would be if he got to pick last season’s Michelle to return with him. I can’t stand Jessie.

I’m hoping this was a false rumor, but we’ll know in a few hours.

Did you get your live feeds yet?

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers: The Cliques Have Formed, The 13th HG Approaches

There! On the white horse! It’s our first real Big Brother 11 spoiler of the season! RealityBBQ landed this quip from Corner Office who says the HGs are in the house and have already broken into their cliques. No one messed up their clique groupings, so no drama there. But we’ve got spoilerish details on who that 13th house guest will be… 4 past Big Brother house guests have returned and one of the will be the first HoH. How weird is that?

I’m not sure if that means the other 3 past players will go home dejected, or if all 4 of them will somehow be playing. We’ll know soon enough. Speaking of soon, the early bird rate on the Big Brother feeds runs out on Wednesday, so don’t miss your chance to get your summer of fun on the cheap!


Big Day Of Big Brother 11 News

Hang on to your hat ’cause this is gonna go fast:

As always, more details and Big Brother Spoilers to come so keep checking back.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers: BB11 House Tour – Photos & Video

The Big Brother 11 house is no longer a mystery. CBS has released both photographs and video footage of the house being explored inside and out. So far it looks like it’ll make for a fun season. Check out the pictures and videos below:

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Big Brother 11 Spoiler: Might Be More Than 12 Houseguests

This Big Brother 11 spoiler could all be blamed on a lost-in-translation reading, but tipster CornerOffice is back with another cryptic message:

The 12 House Guests who haven’t been in the house before will be sequestered on Sunday.

Does CornerOffice really mean “The 12 House Guests, none of which have been in the house before, will be sequestered on Sunday.” Or is he/she instead implying that of all the houseguests for Big Brother 11, only 12 of them have not been in the house before and that group will be sequestered on Sunday. Too soon to tell, but damn it makes for a great rumor!

Source: RealityBBQ via BigBrotherCraze

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