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Apply Now For Big Brother 15

It’s that time again: casting! Big Brother 15 applications are now being accepted and reviewed as Kassting Inc. prepares for yet another season of Big Brother on CBS.

Kassting Inc might have their hands full with Big Brother Canada at the moment, but the official Big Brother casting website is open and you can get your best video and details submitted. The same requirements as usual apply this time around. You MUST be 21 years old when you apply and you MUST be a US citizen. The application deadline is May 11, 2013 and last year it shutdown a few hours early so do not wait.

If applying online for Big Brother 15 isn’t your thing then you can hold out for live casting call events. Those should take place in early spring around March 2013.

Best of luck to everyone who applies! We hope to see you on our screens next season.

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Big Brother 15 Renewed For Summer 2013

CBS has officially renewed Big Brother for another season next summer in July 2013 when we’ll return to the house and meet the cast of Big Brother 15.

This past season might not have hit the high ratings of the previous year, but it was still strong enough to win time slots and bring in viewers to hold its own.

Hopefully we won’t see a return of former HouseGuests again for the next season, but I was hoping that same thing last year and we saw how that turned out.

Casting events for BB15 have not yet been released, but those usually take place in the spring around March through May. We’ll definitely keep you posted on all of those opportunities as CBS announces the news.

Are you ready for more Big Brother next year? It’s never far away!

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Ian’s Folly

Never in the history of Big Brother have I been so torn in how I feel about a House Guest. Ian is an enigma. When I try to pinpoint my feelings on this little lad I run into a Gordian Knot of affections ranging from adoration and empathy to disrespect and revulsion. I root for him, I boo at him, I find myself with face in hands despairing and cringing at a boy who is foolishly completing his folly.

This last week has been the capstone of these feelings. Ian can win this game! His only obstacle to victory is in Dan who, for reasons illogical, is controlling his every move. To quickly recap this week, Ian left his HOH reign taking out Frank in the first half of a Double Eviction. Dan won HOH and nominated Ian and maneuvered to take him out of the game. Ian wins POV and saved himself with Joe as the liability, then won HOH again! This is where my angst begins.

Ian could guarantee his win of Big Brother 14 if he makes it to the final two by sending Dan’s head on a silver platter to the Jury House. Ashley, Britney, Frank and Joe would without a doubt reward this move with a $500,000 prize. Ian could have been one of the most celebrated victors in Big Brother history. Instead he puts up Jenn and Shane with visions of Renegades dancing in his head. After Shane wins the POV he misses another colossal opportunity to get Dan out by telling Shane that he was Dan’s target for the week and completing Dan’s demise. But what does he do? He puts his trust in Dan AGAIN and puts up Danielle with Jenn as his target. Womp Womp Womp. I can’t comprehend this, my mind reels at the opportunities this kid has passed up. Instead of being added to the list of Big Brother Greats, his legacy may be of one the schmuck who was steamrollered by a vet and his own recklessness.

Ian, you’re one of the most lovable players who have stepped into the Big Brother House. Out of a handful of lovely ladies and hunky dudes, you’re easily the most adorable. Your quirky and humble persona has endeared yourself to America; you could be a legend in this game. Perhaps it’s your inexperience of youth or lack of social skills which is leading you to blunder so extravagantly. Maybe your insecurity is leading you to settle for 3rd of 4th place. I can’t understand why you would take someone further that can easily beat you. I’m still holding out a little hope that a light will shine on you but I’m really net expecting you to make it past next week. Your absence will be sorely missed.

I can’t put myself in Ian’s shoes. I don’t know the motives behind these moves. I do know he is letting down a million fans (myself included) who are rooting for him. I’m quite positive he will win America’s Player and the $25,000 it brings and I’m positive this won’t be the last we see of him on Big Brother. Maybe that’s enough for him, I don’t know. I’m only left feeling the void of a lost opportunity and a happy conclusion that will never be. I can only conclude that if Ian loses Big Brother 14, it’s a loss for us all.


Big Brother 14 Week 9 Nomination Ceremony Results

Big Brother is in overdrive this week as we’ve already had two evictions and crowned a new HOH in two days. Reigning HOH Ian was convinced by Dan not to nominate him and convinced him that the target should be Jenn. Ian isn’t harnessing his intellect and somehow agrees with this. When the Live Feeds returned from the Nomination Ceremony…

    Ian nominated Jenn and Frank

Hopefully for our sanity’s sake, there’s a bigger plan in the works in Ian’s head, but I doubt it and I think we’ll be seeing Jenn leave the Big Brother 14 house this week.

What do you think about Dan’s Ian’s nominations?


Big Brother Week 9 HOH Competition Results

After we said goodbye to Frank and Joe on Thursday’s Double Eviction, the cut later that evening for this week’s HOH Competition! They players had to guess the day of a certain event and toss a ball and try to land in said day, think of Jordan’s last HOH win.

When the Live Feeds return, we have our newly crowned HOH.

    Ian is the new Head of Household

Aftward, Ian vowed to protect Dan this week. I’m hoping Ian isn’t that thick and will work on getting Dan out, but he seems to think it’s a great idea to take somebody who will beat him to the final two. He said he would put Jenn and Shane up this week. Who do you think Ian should nominate this week?

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