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Big Brother 14 Week 8 POV Ceremony Results

Earlier this week Ian nominated Frank and Jenn as “revenge” for getting his only true ally, Britney, evicted last Thursday. Dan has won the Power of Veto competition and the debate was whether to use it or not. Regardless, Frank is going home this week so ideally keeping Jenn (the only one who will vote to keep Frank) on the block would be preferable for the renewed Quack Pack. Dan, on the other hand, is playing under the radar and wants to take Jenn off the block to “return the favor” thus garnering favor with her for later when he has to go after Shane.

Dan used the POV on Jenn. Ian nominated Joe as a replacement. It didn’t matter who he put up, Frank is walking out the door this week

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Big Brother 14 Week 8 POV Competition Results

The Power of Veto Competition has been played in the Big Brother 14 House. Ian had put Frank and Jenn on the block as revenge for getting Britney out of the house. His target teetered between the two nominees. The POV comp featured OTEV and the contestants had to find dolls of the houseguests that he made statements about.

    Dan won the Power of Veto

When the Live Feeds came back on, Dan held up the Veto medallion and said to the camera: “This right here is the ticket to finally getting Frank out of this game.” Dan has stated that he will use the POV on Jenn since she saved him last week. He asked Frank if he would mind if he took Jenn off the block as a ruse to make Frank feel comfortable. He’s feigning that he will try to get Joe out of the House this week.

Do you think Dan should use the POV or just leave the nominations the same as Frank will go home this week?

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Big Brother 14 Week 5 POV Competition Results

It’s a very pivotal week in the Big Brother 14 house; not only for the players but for us as well. With Frank as reigning HOH and Joe and Wil on the block, the results of the POV will determine if the Silent Six will run through the remainder of the house or if an underdog wins expect drama to ensue.

Frank, Joe and Wil drew Ashley, Boogie and Jenn’s names as the other players.

When the Live Feeds return:

• Frank has won the Power of Veto!

As of today Frank doesn’t plan on using the POV and the house is content on cutting Wil loose. All talk of blindsiding Shane or Dan are off the table so we patiently wait for Thursday’s new HOH to stir up the house.

In other news Zingot 3000 was unleashed upon the house. We will have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday’s show to see his insults but you can catch most of them on the Live Feeds. They return at 8:43 PM BBT if you want to get a sneak peek.

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Big Brother Week 5 Nomination Ceremony Results

After Frank won the HOH last night there was a lot of anxiety amongst the house guests as to whom he will nominate. After Frank settled in his HOH room last night, he had talks with Boogie about putting up Joe with Shane or Dan to disguise the Silent Six alliance, but there was a hint that they’d try to get Shane or Dan out if they could. Today Frank toyed with the idea of backdooring Dan this week, but Boogie shot it down saying it was too early and he didn’t think they had the votes to do it.

In the end it looked like Wil would have the honor of going on the block against Joe. In the meantime, the Big Brother 14 House had the Have Not competition. Have Not’s are Joe, Shane, Danielle and Britney. America voted cod fish and candy canes as the Have Not Food.

When the Live Feeds return after the Nomination Ceremony…

    • Frank has nominated Joe and Wil.

I think the week is still young and there may be room for a backdoor of Dan or Shane. Here’s hoping…

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Big Brother 14 Week 4 POV Ceremony Results

The Power of Veto Ceremony was held today but the real dramatics started two nights ago. The plan was set in stone for Frank to be evicted this week. Britney, Dan and Janelle wanted to get Boogie on their side since the game was “Reset” because they were afraid that the rest of the house was going to start to gun for them. While Dan was trying to convince Boogie of the, Boogie said “Let me throw you a curve ball. What do you think of getting out Janelle?” In one of those unpredicted turns that Big Brother guarantees to give, Dan took the bait and ran with it.

After talks with Danielle and Britney, by some logic that I do not comprehend, the plan was to get Janelle up and out this week. They wavered yesterday and decided to keep nominations the same. Then last night, as Boogie was making a final plea to Dan, Brit and Janelle barged in on their conversation to push a coach’s alliance again. Boogie flat out rejected the alliance and said he’s in no way agreeing to see Frank go. He told Janelle that he didn’t trust her and that they were at an impasse. This was what Dan wanted to hear and after the girls leave he told Boogie that he’d convince Danielle to use the POV and put Janelle up. This goes on, meeting after meeting, for the rest of the night.

Point your Live Feeds to August 8, 10:10 BBT and prepare for a long watch to see all the action.

Danielle kept her word at the POV Ceremony today.

    • Danielle used the POV on Wil and replaced him with Janelle.
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