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Big Brother 15 Episode 20 Tonight – Week 7 HoH & Nominations

Big Brother 15 is back tonight with a special Sunday episode because we won’t just be finding out about nominations this time around. Instead of just the usual nomination drama we’ll also get the latest Head of Household competition which was held late Thursday night after the Double Eviction show.
We’ve already learned who won HoH via the online Feeds and we’ve even seen the actual

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Big Brother 15 – Week 7 Weekend Wrap-Up

The Big Brother 15 weekend is wrapping up so here’s a quick rundown on what you might have missed since the last episode. The Live Feeds never stop so we’re always watching and that keeps us, and you!, way ahead of CBS.
Here’s what’s been going on and yes, there are many spoilers below.
Head of Household – Week 7:
Late Thursday night the most recent Head

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Big Brother 15 Episode 20: A Closer Look At The Double Eviction Blindside

Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 15 was like going to a funeral for someone you loved but had to be surrounded by people you hate. I turned to Twitter to see if I was alone in that feeling and I wasn’t. The majority of fans were talking about how heart-breaking the episode was because we got to see Judd plead for his Big Brother

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Apply Now For Big Brother 15

It’s that time again: casting! Big Brother 15 applications are now being accepted and reviewed as Kassting Inc. prepares for yet another season of Big Brother on CBS.

Kassting Inc might have their hands full with Big Brother Canada at the moment, but the official Big Brother casting website is open and you can get your best video and details submitted. The same requirements as usual apply this time around. You MUST be 21 years old when you apply and you MUST be a US citizen. The application deadline is May 11, 2013 and last year it shutdown a few hours early so do not wait.

If applying online for Big Brother 15 isn’t your thing then you can hold out for live casting call events. Those should take place in early spring around March 2013.

Best of luck to everyone who applies! We hope to see you on our screens next season.

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Big Brother 15 Renewed For Summer 2013

CBS has officially renewed Big Brother for another season next summer in July 2013 when we’ll return to the house and meet the cast of Big Brother 15.

This past season might not have hit the high ratings of the previous year, but it was still strong enough to win time slots and bring in viewers to hold its own.

Hopefully we won’t see a return of former HouseGuests again for the next season, but I was hoping that same thing last year and we saw how that turned out.

Casting events for BB15 have not yet been released, but those usually take place in the spring around March through May. We’ll definitely keep you posted on all of those opportunities as CBS announces the news.

Are you ready for more Big Brother next year? It’s never far away!

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