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Big Brother 11 Spoilers: Week 6 Part 2 HoH Results

Since Chima was evicted from the house last night Big Brother decided to hold a new HoH competition today to move the game along and get both spots on the chopping block filled in.

The live feeds were cut for hours as the competition wore on, but when the feeds return… Jordan was revealed as the new Head of Household! Congrats to Jordan!

Natalie won a phone call to home and Lydia got stuck with Jen’s (BB8) red unitard for a week. Apparently that didn’t go over too well and Lydia shattered either a glass or the glass table when she flipped it over. Wow! This Big Brother 11 house is nuts!

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Big Brother Spoilers: Chima Was Evicted!

Here’s a HUGE Big Brother spoiler for you. Overnight in the BB11 house Chima was removed from the house for her behavior towards production, the game, and the other HGs. Details are still emerging so stay tuned!

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds Flashback to see what happened!


Big Brother Spoilers: Michele’s Nominations Are In…

Michele has nominated Chima and Natalie. These two choices seemed an obvious choice for Michele as she’s aligned herself with Jeff, Jordan, and Russell.

Who do you think will be evicted on Thursday?

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Big Brother 11 Week 5 Eviction & Week 6 HoH Results

The fifth Big Brother 11 eviction is over and by a vote of 3 – 2, Jessie has been evicted!

Jeff used the Coup D’Etat, so Lydia and Russell came down while Natalie and Jessie went up on the block. This paved the way for Jessie’s nomination.

The HoH competition is over and Michele has emerged as the new HoH. Who will be nominated this week?

The nominations will be revealed Friday night on the live feeds so be sure to watch.

Watch it all unfold on the live feeds!

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Big Brother 11 Week 5 Eviction Will Be Chima’d, Not Live

How much effort do you think it would take to make “Chima” a verb? Like, “don’t piss me off or I’ll Chima your ass!” Try it on and see how it fits. Either way, tonight’s normally live eviction for Big Brother 11 will be Chima’d (oh yes, that’s snappy).

Chima has warned that she’ll start a huge fight on the live show tonight if the Coup D’Etat is used. Either CBS is worried about this or it’s a very strange coincidence, but the live show has been scrapped. Instead, the eviction episode will be taped earlier in the day and then shown tonight at 8PM. Actually, the “live audience” should be marching in to their seats right about now.

You will NOT want to miss tonight’s Big Brother live feeds with this huge fight that is definitely going to take place. Chima Chima’d the house in Week 1 when she was pissed off at nearly being evicted, so just imagine how worked up she is after being stuck in there for another month?!

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