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Big Brother 11 Spoiler: Might Be More Than 12 Houseguests

This Big Brother 11 spoiler could all be blamed on a lost-in-translation reading, but tipster CornerOffice is back with another cryptic message:

The 12 House Guests who haven’t been in the house before will be sequestered on Sunday.

Does CornerOffice really mean “The 12 House Guests, none of which have been in the house before, will be sequestered on Sunday.” Or is he/she instead implying that of all the houseguests for Big Brother 11, only 12 of them have not been in the house before and that group will be sequestered on Sunday. Too soon to tell, but damn it makes for a great rumor!

Source: RealityBBQ via BigBrotherCraze

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers: House, Twist, & More

More Big Brother spoilers to keep you happy during the Big Brother 11 preseason. Today we’ve learned more details about the BB11 house, like its eco-friendly water supply restrictions and open showers. Sure, the second part isn’t too eco-friendly, but I won’t hold that against them. Then there’s also news about the season’s twist with a hint about “cliques” in high school. Sounds like it could be that cheesy “Reunion” television show squeezed into the Big Brother House.

Speaking of getting into the BB house the rumor has it that the 12 finalists will be entering the house on July 5th, four days before we get to see them on premiere night.

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Big Brother Live Feeds Preseason Discount

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Big Brother 11 Commercial Confirms 12 Houseguests

CBS has spoken. There will be 12 houseguests this summer on Big Brother 11.

Check out the latest commercial for BB11 below and then get ready for our flood of Big Brother spoilers!

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Big Brother 11 Details: Premiere Date & Houseguests

Big Brother 11 is just a month away so get ready for some early Big Brother spoilers!

The premiere date for BB11 is going to be Thursday, July 9th and on that night we’ll get our first look at the 12, that’s right 12, houseguests as they enter their new home where one of them will exit as the winner of a half million dollars!

After being spoiled last season seeing my favorite, Dan, win the big prize I’m dreading the idea of watching another villain walk away with the trophy. What about you?

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