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Big Brother 11 To Air On Showtime Big Brother After Dark

Tens of Big Brother fans can cheer now that YakkityYak has confirmed that Showtime will be airing Big Brother 11 on their “Big Brother After Dark” program:

Showtime has announced that “Big Brother After Dark” will return in July 2009 (a premiere date has not yet been set). Keep checking back for updates, and thanks for watching!

Showtime Customer Service

Anyone out there watching “After Dark”? I’ve always been more of a BB live feeds kind of fan, but to each their own. Either way, there’s only a few weeks left until the BB11 premiere!

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Big Brother 11 Auditions Are Over – Now We Wait

The Big Brother 11 audition events are done and over. Casting opportunities wrapped up over the weekend and the due date on applications hit on Monday. Now we enter the waiting phase.

General consensus has it that we can look forward to casting confirmations later this month but we won’t get to see names and faces until late, late June or the beginning of July. I’ll be looking forward to BB11 starting up in early July so we can get you all the Big Brother spoilers you deserve!

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Big Brother Host Julie Chen Is Preggers – Will Host BB11

Fear not, Big Brotheries. While Julie Chen may have announced earlier this week that she is pregnant with a due date in October she has confirmed that she plans to fully host Big Brother 11.

Could BB11 go on without Julie? Who would you want to replace the Chenbot, even if only temporary?

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Big Brother 11 – Final Announced Casting Event Today

This might be it for Big Brother 11 casting events. According to today is the final announced casting and audition event. So if you’re in the Michigan area you better get yourself over to:

Cauley Chevrolet
Monday, April 20, 2009 3 – 7pm
7020 Orchard Lake Road., West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Good luck to everyone who has applied for Big Brother!

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Julie Chen Hosts New Big Brother 11 Video – It’s All Laughs

CBS and Big Brother 11 want you to think that life in the BB house is nothing but a bunch of laughs. Julie Chen is hosting CBS’ latest Big Brother 11 promo for auditions with this clip reel stuffed with the yuk-yuk’s.

Sure, sure there are lots of good times, but we’re watching it for the drama!

Grab your application and get ready for the casting events!

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