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Big Brother 12 Week 4 Survival Guide

As I believe that Big Brother 12 will be a little predictable in the next few days, this weeks Survival Guide will not be for either of the two nominees because I believe that there’s little hope for Kristen to stay. Therefore Big Brother Spoilers will focus on our resident mean girl, Britney. It’s a crucial week for Brit and I believe her actions will make or break her game and stay in the house.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Week 4 Nominations and POV Competition Results

It’s been a wild few days in the Big Brother 12 House since Andrew’s departure on Thursday. We know that Rachel is the new HOH and saw a preview of Kristen and Rachel fighting because of Andrew’s speech. The fight happended because Rachel and Brendon said they heard Kristen and Hayden making out, too. They of course deny everything. As suggested by Britney and suspected by us, Rachel nominated Kristen and Hayden.

The HG’s were given a “pinball” type contraption to practice on for the POV competition. They were up late into the night practicing. Kristen was practicing extra hard as her life is on the line.

Others who were up late into the night were Brendon and Rachel. Brenchel finally “christened” the HOH room and got busy under the sheets for the first time. You can flashback on the Live Feeds at 2:23AM BBT to see the gruesome events unfold. You can still get a free trial! Unfortunately for poor Brendon, the courtship ends with him telling her “I’m sorry”. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions on that statement.

We had the POV competition today. The losers of each round could pick a “prize” or trade it with someone who was out before them. It appears that everyone did well except our poor nominees. Kristen won the right to wear a cat suite for the week and Hayden won 24 hour solitary confinement in the Have Not Room. It’s going to be a rough week for our nominees because a bitter Britney won the POV and I suspect she won’t use it. I think it’s in Britney’s best interest to use it on Kristen and put up one of the boys, but you know our Brit will play with her emotions and not her brain. Do you think that Brit should use the veto or leave nominations the same. Big Brother Spoilers always want your opinions. Tell me what you think!


Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Week 3 Eviction Episode

I’m having very mixed emotions about tonight’s episode of Big Brother 12. Not only am I saddened by my prediction that quirky Andrew will be leaving the House tonight, but Big Brother producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly that gives me pause for concern. They state that the Saboteur is not dead yet and we’ll find out more about this in tonight’s episode. Grodner defends herself and says that the Saboteur’s early exit proves that production doesn’t “rig” the show. While I completely agree with that statement, I’m very skeptical of their ability to re-implement this twist that wasn’t a very good one to begin with. I mean c’mon, sound machines and tape. Oooooo, scandalous. Will the revival of the Saboteur bring new life to the show or are we just beating a dead horse here? I guess we’ll find out tonight.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Week 3 Dramatics

Tonight has been an interesting night in the Big Brother 12 House and it’s only 9:00 PM BBT. If your missing out on the action on the Live Feeds, try them out for free.

The drama starts at with Brendon and Rachel talking about relationships and Brendon says that he’s been taken advantage of before and would want a prenuptial agreement if he marries. This sends Rachel into a tizzy because she thinks he has trust issues and cannot be in a relationship. He incessantly apologizes to her and she tells him she doesn’t want to hear about it or talk about it in front of cameras. He apologizes more and gives her butterfly kisses while she is about to chew off her arm to get away from him. He tells her twice in this conversation that he loves her, she remains silent. She finally jumps up and heads into the house.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Week 3 POV Results

Today was the third POV ceremony in the Big Brother 12 House. As expected the POV holder Brendon did not veto the nominations made by HOH Matt. This leaves Kathy and Andrew on the chopping block and one of them will be evicted this Thursday.

Apparently it was a pretty dramatic POV Ceremony. For reasons unbeknownst to me, Andrew told Brendon and Rachel that he was coming after the two of them next week and would put them up if he wins HOH. Most of the house believes that it was a ruse and are now convinced that Andrew, Brendon, and Rachel are working together and the fireworks this afternoon was just to throw them off their tracks. The Brigade (sans Matt) and Kristen now say they’ll keep Kathy.

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