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Big Brother 11 Week 2 – PoV Results Spoilers

The Power of Veto competition is finished and Jeff is the winner.

Jeff was nominated by Ronnie, so now he can save himself and force Ronnie to pick a new nominee to be up against Laura.


Big Brother Spoilers: Ronnie’s Nominations Are In…

Ronnie the Rat has made his nominations for Big Brother 11.

Laura and Jeff have been nominated for eviction.

Laura was also part of the losing team yesterday in the Have-Not’s competition.

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Big Brother 11 Week 1 Eviction & Week 2 HoH Results

The first Big Brother 11 eviction is over and by a tie-broken vote of 6-5, Braden was sent home.

Ronnie beat out the other remaining 11 HGs to become the second HoH.

Who will he nominate? We’ll know in a few days, but right now the house is blowing up over the tight vote. Watch it all unfold on the live feeds!

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Big Brother 11 Live Eviction Results May Surprise

Big Brother 11 will have send home its first house guest tonight and it might not be who most be thought. The BB11 house has moved towards saving Braden and letting Chima go home. I guess she shouldn’t have let herself be the pawn afterall. Duh!

Results of this week’s eviction to be revealed tonight along with who will be the new Head of Household.


Big Brother 11 Week 1 – PoV Ceremony Spoilers

The Big Brother 11 Power of Veto ceremony is over and Russell has used the Veto. Lydia was removed and Braden went up in her place. Look for Braden to be evicted this Thursday.

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