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Big Brother 11 Week 1 – PoV Results Spoilers

The Power of Veto comp is over and Russell was the winner. He’ll have to decide if he’ll save Lydia, Chima, or no one.

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Big Brother 11 Week 1 – PoV Players

With Lydia and Chima nominated both of them were automatically included in the Power of Veto competition along with Jessie since he is the HoH.

Joining these three will be Jeff, Russell, and Natalie.

I’ll post the results as soon as it’s revealed on the Big Brother feeds.

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Big Brother Spoilers: Jessie’s Nominations Are In…

Now I really don’t like Jessie. As the first HoH of the Big Brother 11 season Jessie has made his nomations: Lydia and Chima.

Hopefully a PoV will save Lydia! Sorry, Chima, but someone has to go first.

It gets worse for Chima. She’s on slop now, but at least she’s not sleeping in the “torture” room made of all steel like the Brains team is forced to now.

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Big Brother 11’s 13th House Guest Determined

On last night’s Big Brother 11 premiere it was confirmed that 4 past house guests had returned to the BB set in hopes of becoming the 13th HG this season. Each of the 4 potential returners represented 1 of the 4 cliques in the house. Brian from BB10 was the “Brainiac.” Jessica from BB8 was the “Popular.” Cowboy from BB5 was “Offbeat.” And lastly, Jessie from BB10 was the “Athlete.”

Unfortunately for most fans, Jessie’s representatives within the house won the first competition, making him the former HG to return and this season’s first HoH.

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Big Brother Begins Tonight – 13th HG Leaked?

When Big Brother 11 premieres tonight we’ll get our first look at the new house guests in action. That’s cool and all, but what I really want to know is who is that 13th HG. Thanks to leaks we might already know who that is. Big Brother Spoilers alert!

Supposedly, Brian, Sheila, Jessica, and Jessie were the 4 options to come back into the house. They faced off in a competition with the new HGs and… sigh, rumor has it that Jessie won his chance to return to the house. The only way this could be worse would be if he got to pick last season’s Michelle to return with him. I can’t stand Jessie.

I’m hoping this was a false rumor, but we’ll know in a few hours.

Did you get your live feeds yet?

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